Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Mac Lipstick Snob

Snob was the second product I picked up from the Mac counter at the airport, I didn't go looking for a particular lipstick colour so just spent a while swatching them all. I was really impressed with the swatch for Snob and thought what the heck lets give it ago!  This is only my second lipstick from Mac but seeing as the other one I own is my all time favourite lipstick I was pretty excited to get another one!

Snob is a satin lipstick which applies so smoothly and is highly pigmented. Snob is a cool toned pink with slight purple undertones,were it is so cool toned I think not everyone could get away with this colour. When I first tried this colour on my lips I was a bit unsure. But after trying it a few more times I realised that actually its a very beautiful colour which I can pull off with my NC15 skin tone. I tend to apply Snob over Mac Hip 'N' Happy lip pencil just because I prefer to use one under my lipsticks. It sounds weird but I can not stop smelling this lipstick, I just find it smells just like cake icing, I feel that it smells a lot stronger than my other Mac lipstick. However the smell does not transfer to the lips which I am very happy about!

Overall I am starting to love this lip colour more and would recommend it for those with a paler skin tone. Have you guys tired Snob?

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  1. I want to like this shade on me but it just washes me out. Really suits you though. Love your blog; glad I found you. New follower x
    Rachel x